Mission Statement and Vision

The mission of Ouisconsing School of Collaboration is to strengthen each learner’s unique styles, intelligences and interests by providing project based learning opportunities using real world solutions in a multi-age setting.----“Our name honors Wisconsin’s past. Our mission looks to its future.”

OSC Logo


  • Project and Place Based Learning
  • 21st Century Skills
  • Focus on National Common Core Standards
  • Authentic Assessments
  • Abundant Field Studies


  • Real World Connections
  • Evolving Community and Business Partnerships
  • Reciprocal Parent and Community Collaboration
  • Service Learning
  • Interactive Setting with Extended Community

Teacher’s Role

  • Guided Instruction
  • Individualized and Personalized Learning
  • Provide Rigorous Coursework and Project Designs
  • Flexible and Innovative Learning Opportunities
  • Develop Authentic Lifelong Learning Skills Through Application
  • Help Students Achieve Academic and Personal Goals

School Culture

  • Multiage Classrooms
  • Responsive Scheduling
  • Increasing Student Choice and Responsibility
  • Authentic Applications
  • Student Driven Atmosphere
  • Strong Interpersonal Relationships

When you choose OSC for third, fourth, and fifth grade, you choose:

  • Multi-age groups of students sharing, learning, and problem solving together
  • Advisors are teachers who guide and mentor your child, and nurture a true community of thoughtful and engaged learners
  • Personalized instruction, based on your child’s learning styles, interests and readiness
  • Project and place-based learning that meets the rigors of the National Common Core Standards
  • Daily use of technology – including a Chromebook for every student – that gives children critical 21st century skills
  • Real world learning, including partnerships with local businesses and community members
  • Field studies that encourage students to explore the world around them
  • Service learning opportunities to become contributing members of society
  • Students collaborate through a range of projects that enhance their learning and benefit the great community
  • School days that include specials such as gym, music, art, guidance and keyboarding
  • Academic and social readiness for lifelong learning