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Welcome to ouisconsing School of collaboration
"Celebrate Learning"

Welcome to Ouisconsing School of Collaboration!

My name is Eric Scheunemann and I am honored to be the principal of Ouisconsing School of Collaboration. The School District of Lodi is a special place to work and learn. The value the Lodi Community has for education is evident in the commitment and support they show their staff and students.

OSC Mission: The mission of Ouisconsing School of Collaboration is to strengthen each learner’s unique styles, intelligences and interests by providing project based learning opportunities using real world solutions in a multi-age setting.----“Our name honors Wisconsin’s past. Our mission looks to its future.”

Ouisconsing School of Collaboration Learning Environment Defined: 
OSC is a student-centered 3rd-5th grade charter school with highly effective educators who value people, conversations, and growth. OSC is a project and place based, multi-age learning environment that provides our students with individualized instruction and has an emphasis on service and real world learning. We focus on developing positive relationships because people matter. The work we do is important but it is not more important than the students we teach and the families we serve. We value the support and partnerships we have with our families and community. Our belief is that learning is fostered best within community, not in isolation. We leverage our partnerships to help us connect with and know our students so we can nurture every student’s full potential.  

We have high academic expectations but match that with high academic support to optimize student learning. Our skilled staff create and maintain a learning environment that is safe, respectful, and inclusive. We create and provide opportunities for students to engage in and take ownership in their learning while developing innovative problem solvers. We take pride in living out our mission and the district mission at Ouisconsing School of Collaboration and seek ways we can give back to and serve our community.

Lodi Pride!

Eric Scheunemann





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