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Student Health Services

Welcome to the student health services page. We have a full time nurse, Jean Winter and a part time nurse, Rodney Barrow, to help take care of the health care needs within our district. If your student has a health care need please contact Jean Winter or the building that your student is enrolled in. The office staff in our buildings are a valued asset to our student health services team and will convey concerns to the school nurse. Our nurse's have office hours in each building. If you would like to meet with the nurse to discuss any concerns, please call them to arrange a time.  

The health services that our school nurses provide are:

  • Managing the medications your student needs while at school.
  • Involved in developing 504 plans, Individual health care plans(IHP) and individual education plans( IEP).
  • Responding to emergency situations.
  • Coordinating complex care for students with significant medical needs while at school.
  • Provides training for staff regarding medications and health care needs for students while at school. 
  • Serves as a health resource for school staff.
  • Partners in vision and hearing screenings.
  • Manages student immunization requirements for schools per Wisconsin state laws.
  • Collaborating with community healthcare partners in the care of our students.
  • Provides health education and health promotion within our school community.

Links to the Medication Forms

  • Parent Responsibilities For Medications At School.
    • Please take time to review so that you are aware of the medication procedures at school.
  • Prescription Medication Form
    • Requires both a health care provider and parent signature.
  • Over-the-counter/Prescription Medication Forms
    • Requires parent signature. Needed for students who are 5th grade and under who need non-prescription medications during the school day. Or for any MS, HS or transitional student who's parents prefer to have the medication given in the office (No self carry).
  • Permission To Self Carry Form
    • Only for Over-The-Counter MedicationsOnly for responsible MS, HS and Transition who are able to manage their own over-the-counter medication. Requires a parent and student signature. If preferred non-prescription medications maybe given in the office with only the non-prescription medication form (no self carry form is needed).


For students who have a health condition involving a health care plan please click on the links below.Allergy or anaphylaxis emergency plan- EnglishThis form maybe used for the medications given for an emergency plan if both a parent and healthcare provider signatures are on the form.Allergy or anaphylaxis emergency plan- Spanish

Allergy or anaphylaxis emergency plan- English

This form maybe used for the medications given for an emergency plan if both a parent and healthcare provider signatures are on the form.
Allergy or anaphylaxis emergency plan- Spanish

New medication forms for the 2018-2019 school year:

Here are some of the changes for this year:

  1. Prescriptions medications: No changes, required MD and parent signatures and must be kept in the office.
  2. Over the counter medications can be given with only a parent signature as long as they are within the therapeutic dose range for the age and weight of your child. Lowest effective dose is preferred.
  3. MS, HS and Transitional students can carry over the counter medications only if they are responsible, carry only a travel size amount, and do not share their medication with any other students. Parent and student signatures are required on the self-carry form. All prescription medications must be kept in the office.
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